Lee is one of the three founders of The Outcast Club and has been tattooing for about 4 years. Their mandate as an artist is to do their best to provide a safe space for people. What Lee aims to achieve under the umbrella of safe space is inclusion for people who identify as: female, POC, disabled, low income, HIV-positive, trans and non-binary as well as those seeking a space that embraces body positivity and mental health awareness. This is an ever growing list and I look forward to adding to it with your help!




Rowan tattoos because it's as close as she can get to looking at pictures of people's pets for a living. Keeper of three ferrets and admirer of all animals, she's working to earn kibble for her children. Rowan is a Trans Woman tattoo artist aims to make the tattoo experience as comfortable as possible for all involved, and hopes to make the industry more approachable for Trans and queer folks.




Kat is a multidisciplinary artist who uses tattooing as an elaborate excuse to have conversations with strangers. They're a tender queer who mostly just wants to be riding bikes or petting cats.




Charlie Pepper is an artist from the forest who passionately dabbles in a little bit of everything all at once. surprise- they’re a sagittarius ;);) The aesthetic of charlie’s current work is influenced by their background in typography and design, a fascination with anatomy and form, their relationship with their own queer/trans body, and the weird subconscious stuff they see when they close their eyes.




E.K. has spent their life scheming for a way to make a living drawing dinosaurs and collecting animal trivia, and as a tattoo artist they have finally realized that dream. They are a sleepy, snacky, agender nerd hoping to realize all tattoo dreams of biology and miscellany!



























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