The Outcast Club is an intimate, queer, intersectional feminist, anti-oppressive, sex and body positive tattoo shop! We strive to create a comfortable experience for our community and our allies; an experience in which all identities, bodies, and gender presentations are respected and celebrated. 

We are primarily a tattoo studio which prioritizes the needs of marginalized, queer, trans and non-binary artists and their clientele, but it is also a multi-use space that also hosts monthly tarot readings, events, and workshops that need safe spaces. 

Our plan is to keep growing, offering more services to our community, and giving back whenever possible. If you have ideas, or know of organizations that need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

The Outcast Club was founded in 2018 by Lee D’Angelo, Tate Sameshima, and Alison James. It is a sibling of, and shares space with TKVO, a queer feminist gift shop.

Be kind, free of discrimination and judgement, and you’re very welcome to hang and get a tattoo from us! 

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